Rodillos y mantenimiento de componentes de suspensión

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One of components of the suspension that should be checked most frequently are the tires. First, it’s important to check the inflation of all tires regularly. Some drivers carry their own tire gauges and check at every fill-up; that’s usually not necessary but checking every 1,000 to 3,000 miles is a very good idea. Under-inflation, by even a few pounds can decrease fuel economy, increase tire wear, and even render a vehicle unsafe to drive, so if tire pressure is lower than recommended it’s important to add air to achieve proper inflation. After adding air, keep an eye (and a tire gauge) on that tire; if it loses air consistently, you’ll need to do something about it (a mechanic may be able to patch a leak, or the tire or wheel may need replacement).

Some car owners don’t check their tires’ pressure because they think they’ll be able to see or feel when a tire is low on air. That approach was OK in the past, but modern tires don’t look noticeably different until they’ve lost almost all their air; it’s possible for a tire to be dangerously under-inflated and still look and feel normal. It’s important to check the air with a tire gauge.

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
SKF BFSB 353312/HA1 Cojinetes de empuje 124,6 mm 10,5 mm 101,6 mm 158,75 mm
SKF BFSB 353210 Rodillos y mantenimiento de componentes de suspensión 220,000 300,000 4R4445 220x300x160
SKF BFSB 353901/HA4 Cojinetes personalizados 388A/382A 3 mm 89 mm 57,531
SKF 351573 Cojinetes tensos R168.15 6815 CX181 CX
SKF BFSB 353247 Cojinetes de rodillo 17x40x12 E 217 /S 7CE1 12 mm 4,15 kN
SKF BFSB 353201 Cojinetes de rodillos 3,2 mm KOYO 241,478 mm 241.478x349.148x228.
SKF BFSB 353285/HA4 Cojinetes de empuje 35 35 mm 10 17x35x10
SKF BFS 8000/HA1 Rodillos y mantenimiento de componentes de suspensión PW6812700115CSHD 127 mm 115 mm 127
SKF 350998 Cojinetes personalizados 966 mm 900x1090x85 1090 85
SKF 353164 Cojinetes tensos 340x460x118 3 mm 118 mm 1 270 kN
SKF BFSB 353205 Cojinetes de rodillo 26 mm 22 mm 9 mm 18 °
SKF 351468 A Cojinetes de rodillos 146 mm 440 mm Timken 277 mm