Timken AP Axis industrial applications

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In order to facilitate the identity of groups of parts, a “bearing assembly number” system is used. AP bearings are each assigned a five digit numeric code that follows the cone part number to describe the individual component parts, prelubrication, performance codes, and internal clearance of the pre-set assembly. In some cases the code may be alphanumeric, although the first digit is always “9”. For new applications, an assembly number is assigned on receipt of the first order. It is very important for the correct fitting and functioning of the bearing that the same assembly number is quoted for all subsequent replacement orders for that specific bearing position. Standard and supplemental assembly numbers are listed in this catalog starting on page 55. Timken should be consulted if additional information is needed on any combination of parts or if questions arise about the correct assembly number for a specific application.

Backing ring K85095-90010 Cojinetes integrados AP

15 AST
Cast bronze with sol straight

HM129848-90219 HM129813XD Cone spacer HM129848XB Recessed end cap K399072-90010 Cojinetes de Timken AP.

B04264 PCM 081010 E
0.2 mm 0,0021 Kg

HM129848-90218 HM129813XD Cone spacer HM129848XB Backing ring K85095-90010 Cojinetes de rodillos de cono

7016 R170.16
MAZDA / 626 / engin SNR

HM127446 HM127417XD Cone spacer HM127446XB Cubierta de montaje integrada

0.02 6810
No Ball

HM124646-90140 HM124616XD Cone spacer HM124646XC Code 350 tolerances Cojinetes industriales AP

45 mm ZEN
2,58 kN 61709

HM124646-90116 HM124616XD Cone spacer HM124646XC AP servicio de cojinetes de rodillos

40x62x12 12
0,6 mm 6400 N / Dynamic loa